A story to tell

Every other Spring Semester, I teach a class in Digital Journalism. The course objective is to introduce students to ways of sharing a story with an audience that don’t necessarily involve paper and ink. It’s not the wave of the future, it’s what’s happening now.

We’ll look at a variety of platforms for storytelling — social media, blogs (each member of the class will keep his/her own), apps for creating maps and timelines, and collaborative methods such as wikis and crowdsourcing. (Stuff that I couldn’t even conceive of when I started a newspaper career back in the mid-1970s.)

Anyway, to kick off the semester we’ve been talking about how to tell a story and as an in-class exercise, I got the students to do short videos of a fellow classmate telling a story about themselves or their family that they thought was memorable.

I told them that I’d like for them to get used to having an audience for their work and we reached a more-or-less consensus that I could share them on my blog until they get their own blogs for the class up and running. (We had a room full of conversations going on, so the audio on some of these may be a challenge, but worth the effort.)



About theoldperfessor

I'm a college professor, teaching journalism and public relations classes at a small private university, and a freelance writer.
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